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Mourning the Big Bad Bookstore

Posted in From the News on November 30, 2009 by Lizzie


Remember watching Tom Hanks battle out Meg Ryan as Fox Books took out all the little independents in You’ve Got Mail (1998)?  Well, the opposite seems to be happening in real life.  Borders is dying out in the United Kingdom, surrendering its customers over to smaller and cozier bookshops. 

What do you think?  Yes, large chains are impersonal and lacking in charm, but they do tend to offer books at more affordable prices.  And then there’s just something about spending hours in an independent store with friendly staff and sliding ladders.  While living in Boston this past summer, I spent more time in the small cellar bookshop streets away than in the Borders directly across from my building just because the atmosphere was warmer and more . . . bookish.  Will we be losing something if Borders closes its doors?

Read Rachel Cooke’s “Beyond Borders: the future of bookselling.”